Valentines Day Elopement at McLean House


Steven & Brittny were married on Valentines Day at McLean House, in West Linn, Oregon. 

McLean House always sets the tone for beautiful images, memories and romance. Brittny loves Disney and has a beautiful necklace that she wore during her wedding. Steven had an epic red velvet jacket. It was the most unique groom’s wear we had ever seen. It was so much fun getting to know them and their family.

Tips for eloping in Oregon:

Check out services who will set up your dream wedding. Elope in Oregon planned Steven and Brittny’s elopement. They always do such a great job. Owner and wedding pro, Beverly Mason, can arrange for transportation, venue, photographer, cake, officiant and flowers. You can just relax and let her set up your dream elopement. Beverly has the connections to enable you to get married at a beautiful venue, stunning park or even in your own home. Elope in Oregon has partnered up with some amazing venues where you can get married for a fraction of the price of a large wedding. With so many venue options we know you can find your dream wedding. We love teaming up with Elope in Oregon and have met so many fun couples. 

When eloping, pick your closest family and friends to join you on your day. You can get married at a beautiful venue then go to a nice dinner. Its a stress free event when you have an amazing vendor team to help ensure you get everything your heart desires... beautiful flowers, a timeless ceremony and great photos. 

The best parts about eloping are put together perfectly by Beverly Mason from Elope in Oregon. “Imagine having to only show up and have a beautiful wedding await you. Dress as formal or as casual as you like.”