Camassia Nature Preserve Spring Family Photos


One of our personal favorite locations for spring family photos is Camassia Nature Preserve, located in West Linn, Oregon. This Nature Preserve is a 22.5 acre hidden gem that offers unique and rare plant species, wildlife viewing and hiking trials.

We love working with the Eagles family and are always looking for unique locations to take their family photos each year. This was the perfect place as we needed something cute, local and not full of people. Poor Korbin was not feeling good so we knew that we needed to get the photos done as quickly as possible before he started crying. One nice thing about this location is it’s not a long walk from the car. Another thing we really love about it is it’s not very well known so you feel like you’re in a secret garden. We really love the wooden trail and large rocks that offer amazing shooting environments. 

West Linn is a beautiful community and we have some recommendations for things to do as a family.

  1. Explore Camassia Nature Preserve, a 22.5 acre natural area owned and maintained by the Nature Conservancy.

  2. Hike at Mary S. Park . At about 128 acres, this quiet, forested park is a favorite for urban birders. They also have a cool island in the Willamette, with docks, that is a fun location to hang out.

  3. Attend the annual Street Dance hosted in Historic Willamette. This event boasts great local food, entertainment and dancing in the streets.

  4. Visit the Summer Market. This market showcases a variety of vendors – fresh local produce, handmade artisan crafts, vintage and flea vendors, tasty hot food, a beer and wine garden, LIVE music, and more!

  5. Visit the Library. With books for all ages and community events, you will stay busy and cool during the summer months.