Mount Hood, Government Camp Oregon Maternity photography


Getting a chance to take stunning images in a beautiful location is everything we love about our job. So when Alison had an idea for us to take photos of her at Mt. Hood, we were super excited. We knew it would be a challenge to work with the elements, so we picked a date later in the year (first weekend of April) to ensure we could drive and walk around fairly easily, and wouldn’t need to cancel due to a storm. Alison and Chris are such a blast to work with, and we all love the many sessions we have captured together!

It was quite an adventure hiking up a 20 ft snow embankment with Amber in a foot brace after breaking her foot. And unlike the rest of us, Alison never seemed to get cold standing there in the snow (she was a natural heater, lol). 

Maternity photos are a wonderful chance to memorize your amazing body and celebrate your pregnancy. It's amazing what our bodies can do and taking the day to capture it, so you can show your child when they get older, is a real treat. You want this to be an experience, not just a quick photo session. Take the time to plan with your photographer, pick the location, order stunning outfits and get pampered. You deserve it!  

Tips for wonderful maternity photos

  1. Choose a creative, stunning location, such as Mt. Hood, Oregon Coast or downtown Portland.

  2. Bring a few changes of clothing to get different looks. You can get beautiful outfits at affordable rates from retailers such as Amazon and Rent the Runway.

  3. Invest in your hair and makeup to ensure you look and feel amazing.

  4. Take your time. Everything just seems to take longer when you’re pregnant. Lengthening the shoot a bit can make it less stressful.

  5. Make sure you find a location with restrooms nearby, as sometimes nature calls.

  6. Pack a snack so you don’t get hangry. 

  7. If you have other kids or pets, bring a person who can watch them when they are not in the photos.

  8. Have fun and relax.