McMenamins Edgefield, Oregon, Summer Engagement Session


AJ and Felicia are the funniest, kindest and sweetest couple! We had a blast walking around the vast property at McMenamins Edgefield for their engagement photos. We choose this spot because they were having a winter wedding at the same venue, and its looks very different in summer vs. winter.

I have known Felicia for years and it was such an honor to capture her engagement session and see her with such a loving supportive partner. She and AJ are both musicians and I was lucky enough to be treated to a private concert, with AJ playing guitar and Felicia playing the ukulele. It was so cute and we got some amazing photos that showcased how in love they really are!

Tips for Engagement sessions at Edgefield

• Be Respectful- of the property, the customers and other events going on the day you’re taking photos.
• Purchase something- Don’t just use this space and not make a purchase of some kind. Buy a drink, lunch or a cool tee shirt. Show your support for this amazing location.
• Be chill- Don’t bring a ton of gear and props that take up space and disrupt the flow of this relaxed environment.
• Research- Pick a day for your session when they don’t have a lot going on. Ensure there is not a concert or event the day you want to shoot. I recommend going Monday - Thursday as you will have a better chance that they won’t have a wedding going on. (They can have a couple a day at this property)
• Keep your pet on a leash and clean up after your 4 legged friend - Thats right! This place is pet friendly!

McMenamins Edgefield was built in 1922 as a simple country farm. It is now a resort that blends everything Oregon with the coolness of the McMenamins brand. The venue is also a hotel with restaurants and bars on site. It is an amazing location for a wedding.