Clackamette Park, Oregon City, Fall Family Session

West-Linn-Oregon-Family-Photography .jpg

Our personal favorite time for family photos is fall! The leaves changing colors are so beautiful and the cooler weather we get in the PNW feels great after a hot summer. We love capturing photos of all families, but one of my personal favorites is my sister’s family, shown here.

Tips for successful family photos:

Bring an extra outfit for younger children - Lets face it, kids love getting into anything and everything. If your lovable child happens to find some old candy in the car on the way to your session, or decides it’s time to play in the dirt for that 2 seconds you look away, bringing this extra outfit can save a lot of stress. If you're buying outfits for your family session, purchase a second one. Leave the tags on, so if you don’t need it you can return it. But if the first one gets dirty, the spare is ready for you.

Schedule the appointment around nap time, and not during nap time. If your under 5 year old takes daily naps, DON’T I repeat DON’T schedule the photo appointment for that time of day, unless you want the most stressful family photos of your life (and we know you don’t, lol). Instead schedule it after nap time so your beautiful child will be refreshed and in the best mood.

Bribery is real, and you should highly consider it. From candy to extra screen time, whatever your family feels comfortable offering as a reward, you should consider having it on hand… just in case. Sometimes kids can be angels, and other times (you know, all the times you need them to be angels) they are tyrants.

Simplicity is best and you need to be able to go with the flow. Don’t over think the session with props and outfit changes. Your small child will shut that down about 20 minutes into it. Sometimes the kids just want to walk around and we just follow. They are the real leaders of the session, and we’ve gotten so many great pictures by just letting them be themselves.

We want your session to be a fun, stress free, and enjoyable experience. Family photos don’t need to be complex. It's about making memories so your kiddos will have something to look back on in 30 years and be able to feel the love.