Canemah Bluff Nature Park Oregon City Family Session


Canemah Bluff Nature Park, located in Oregon City, Oregon, is the perfect place for family photos in the spring, when it has beautiful fields of purple flowers. This park is a hidden gem that constantly changes through the seasons. We love using this park year round, as it’s never too busy and is always looking different. These photos are from a family session for Amber’s sister, Melissa.

Our niece Kylie, who is 5, loves the camera (she was not always this way, it took years of photos LOL) while Addison, who is 1, was having a toddler day. Sometimes when kids come to photography sessions they don’t want to cooperate, and that’s ok. Part of the joy of family photography is knowing that the kiddos have control over the day.

Here are some tips to help ensure your family session goes smoothly:

Pick a shoot time after a nap

Make sure your kiddos are not hungry

Pick a location that is not near park toys as kids will just want to play (if you do make sure they don’t see them)

Bring rewards to encourage the children (such as candy, snacks and toys)

Bring another family member to help with the children

Spend extra time letting the kiddos play and get fun candids

Bring an extra outfit for the kids (they get dirty sometimes)

Be silly and relax

Sometimes the best family photos are the unplanned ones. This was a cute mini session that lasted about 30 min. as Addison was having a full melt down. Just remember, it’s ok if your toddler is having an off day. It’s normal. Some of the best family photos we have taken were kids being kids, which includes screaming, crying and laughing. Its not all about trying to be the perfect family, as we all know that is not a thing!