We are Amber Hempen & Eric DePangher


We’re Amber & Eric of Sightglass Photography. We met at a wedding networking event in early 2017 and three weeks later decided to take the friendship to the next step. We have been inseparable since.

We were married on 12/29/18 and it was one of the best days ever! Photography brought us together, as we started to help each other in our own business then realized that we make one heck of a photography team. After some conversation over coffee we decided in February of 2018 to combine our businesses. That has allowed us to grow as professionals and bring even more style and passion to our clients.

Amber Loves: Horror & Sci-Fi Movies, Netflix, Podcasts (really digging Last Podcast on the Left right now), Dogs, learning about social media, business, history of dead malls, and cell phone games

Eric Loves: Video Games, Apple products, long walks, learning about technology, Reddit, reading blogs and Cooking

We both Love: Rick & Morty, South Park, Pizza, Networking, Coffee, Random Adventures, Friends & Family