Day of Options

  • $200 Per Hour
  • Second Shooter - $50 an hour


Printing Options


Since you are per hour, do you have a minimum? - Yes, it's 5 hours on Saturdays from May till October.

I'm ready to book or I have more questions - I would love to hear from you! you can reach me by text or phone at (360) 521-9486 or if email is more you thing then

Who is your second shooter and when do you recommend it? - I've shot by myself and with a second quite a lot, and it really comes down to what your day looks like. But the rule of thumb for me is either: over 125 guests or a tight timeline. As for who I like to work with I strongly prefer my partner Amber (she also does great work and is a lot of fun!)

how many photos should I expect? - There are a lot of factors (number of guests, what is happening, if I have a second shooter, and how long I'm/we are there for), but you can expect 40 or more photos per hour. 

How, when and do I get my photos? - You will get a link to a gallery where you can download and share with family and friends in 3 weeks.

I'm looking to get an album and/or a wall hanging. How and when do I order that, and how long will that take? - I design an album as part of working with me, getting it printed is up to you of corse! So after your wedding we will find time that we can meet in person or video chat. Once there we will go over your album design, order any prints, and then leave with a link to all of your photos.