Victoria's Adventure: The photoshoot of a Hedgehog


“Let's see...she is feisty yet very sweet. She's so sweet she never bites me! The only time she bit me is when I gave her her first bath and nail trim. She poops a lot! Hedgies are nocturnal so she sleeps all day and most of the night too because she's lazy. In her spare awake time she enjoys exploring, pooping, sleeping, eating meal worms and snuggling in her cuddle sack with me! She's about a year and a half. Her birthday is February 16th 2016 and I adopted her at nine months old in October of 2016. When I adopted her she was a retired breeder because she kept eating her babies! “ Felicia Marie Drews, Victoria’s mom.

She decided to run down it (it was just a tunnel that ended so she did not go anywhere but back) We spent almost 2 hours getting her out, which was done but putting some water in it so she would run out. I loved working with Felicia again and her hedgie .

“My experience that day was pure joy. I loved watching her run around like crazy in the grass and explore. I had so much fun up until she got stuck. Which at that point I was feeling like a worried mom. I felt so silly/stupid for not thinking about that she would probably scoot down in the cannon, and just putting her there without thinking lol. But I was So relived when she was rescued, and I definitely learned my lesson!”- Felicia


I had such an adventure this past summer taking photos of very a cute hedgehog named Victoria. We started off by going to a few parks. At first we had such a blast but then I had this idea of putting her on the edge of a canon.